Following the GDPR, it’s not just customer data you need to consider…

When it comes to collecting and managing customer data, there’s a lot of talk about demonstrating compliance. But not so much about having full visibility of the data you collect internally. And given that employees have the same rights over their personal data as customers, it’s important that HR is central to your ongoing GDPR strategy. So to help you, we’ve created a spreadsheet template that you can edit and use to map all the data you collect on your people throughout their career. You can use it to identify any gaps in your current strategy, so you can reassure regulators you’re doing everything in your power to ensure GDPR compliance – both internally and externally.

It covers three key areas:

  • Security: Reviewing where your employee data is stored and who has access
  • Compliance: Helping you gain clarity on what is being stored and for how long
  • Support: Identifying whether your existing solutions provide the levels of support required under the GDPR

Each area has a series of questions and helpful prompts to guide you in your response. You can also filter by area to allow you to focus on one section at a time.