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What is human capital management for medium-sized businesses?

Human capital management, or HCM, is the overall strategy a company takes to maximising the potential of its talent. It’s a people-centred approach to human resources, so that mid-sized companies with 50 to 1,000 staff can more efficiently manage both HR and payroll using cloud-based software.

HCM gives your teams a single, comprehensive view of your talent. Your pay and HR data is consolidated in a tailored service that grows with you, reducing costs and increasing your ROI.

Building resilient companies with medium business HCM

According to research by UHY1, the top five preoccupations of Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in mid-sized companies are:

  • Pursuing operational efficiencies in the core business
  • Targeting known business and customer opportunities
  • Developing new ideas to address an evolving market
  • Investing in technology to continue remote working
  • Conserving cash and minimising risk

When it comes to your company, investing in HCM can help you build a more resilient organisation, using one integrated pay and HR platform. This will give your teams all the workforce information needed to understand more about your talent, helping to improve engagement, streamline operations and boost productivity – while focusing everyone’s efforts on growing the business.

Medium-sized businesses: What are your key challenges?

Is your organisation among those running 32 different payrolls and other systems, leading to high staffing costs, system complexity and a lack of integration2? Then there’s compliance. In 2019, 56,624 regulatory alerts were captured from over 1,000 bodies, averaging in 217 daily updates.3 And that was before the pandemic.

Recent research has found that 66% of decision makers are turning their focus to cost optimisation, while 34% are prioritising operational efficiencies4. Perhaps you’re mulling over how to increase the quality and accuracy of payroll and HR information, while struggling to integrate disparate systems to gain a more accurate workforce picture. Maybe motivating and engaging remote workers is an issue, while ensuring data privacy and security.

How HCM can support your medium-sized business

HCM has a knock-on effect across these activities:



Improve bottom line and reduce costs with one cost-efficient platform that goes beyond payroll.

Payroll + HR together

Simplify management


Empower top performance – one integrated system can reduce HR complexity, providing tools to ensure the people with the right skills are performing at their best.

Run payroll more efficiently - with an integrated system of record and employee self-service, you can reduce workload, simplify tasks and enhance accuracy.

Improve productivity

Lower employee management costs – with payroll as the foundation, and with mobile self-service, you can streamline data gathering, increasing accuracy, reducing HR queries and cutting workloads.

Gain full visibility over workforce performance – one single workforce view enables easier identification of trends and patterns, plus underperforming areas.

Enhance decisions

Make HR a true business partner – use smart analytics to spot trends in staff retention, engagement and workforce planning, while HR contributes more to the company’s growth.

Adapt payroll to changes at speed – our flexible, cloud-based solution gives you a unique insight into local and global payroll and HR regulations.

Strengthen resilience and boost operational efficiency

Provide more effective people development – one single system gives you the inside track to unlock each employee’s potential.

Change workforce costs – with easy access to workforce insights, you can make data-based decisions more quickly and effectively.

Scale and manage resources

Enable HR management, everywhere: one cloud-based system makes it easy to scale HR resources centrally, to meet changing demands anywhere.



What are the benefits of ADP’s HCM solution?

ADP’s HCM solution is called iHCM. It’s all-in-one cloud software that grows with your business. As a simple, scalable solution, it provides multiple benefits for mid-sized businesses like yours who wish to reduce costs. One single system for payroll and HR:

  • Simplifies and streamlines processes for payroll, HR, time and talent, providing insights across them all
  • Delivers a flexible solution with different editions and optional modules that encompasses everything from payroll to HCM, and can be expanded via its open platform ecosystem
  • Provides a mobile-optimised solution, enabling staff and managers to collaborate remotely so that flexible working becomes more productive.

How does ADP iHCM help transform your mid-sized business?

ADP’s digital solution, iHCM, integrates payroll and HR to transform your mid-sized business in three stages:

Early stages

Start with Payroll

All you need to run accurate, automated payroll.

Get a simple, efficient and secure solution to process your payroll confidently:

  • Payroll expertise to keep your company up to date with statutory regulations
  • A single view of your workforce
  • Stronger security and privacy

Middle stages

Payroll + HR

Manage the complete employee lifecycle more efficiently, by bringing together payroll and HR.

Avoid complex, costly and time-consuming integrations so you can:

  • Streamline end-to-end processes to boost productivity
  • Deliver a reliably consistent employee experience
  • Better support new ways of working and more dynamic workplace structures

Advanced stages

Payroll + HR + Talent + Analytics

Integrate analytics and talent management with other HR functions and payroll.

It empowers you to improve:

  • People engagement by creating a more transparent and collaborative working environment
  • People performance and development by matching skills gaps with learning opportunities
  • Talent attraction by fostering the right culture and opportunities

Why choose ADP?

We’ve been working with one million clients of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to enterprises, for over 70 years. Despite what the competition says, we truly are innovators, as we were one of the first to pioneer a cloud-based payroll solution.

We offer a combination of experience, global footprint, cutting-edge software with inbuilt compliance, and thousands of payroll and HR professionals available to answer your questions. Plus, we’re trusted by 75% of the Fortune 500 as a market leader in HCM solutions tailored to your specific requirements. .

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How ADP works with other medium-sized businesses like you

“Working on the implementation of ADP iHCM has been a great learning experience for the organisation. The transition was seamless, starting with unifying our payroll system and moving on to the automation of our processes. We have high hopes for the user-friendly platform that we’re using. Over time, its functionality will keep improving, and it will continue to help us manage our people worldwide. The best thing about this challenge is that we’ve had the support of a great team.”

Begoña de Torres, Human Resources Department, Istobal

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How does ADP iHCM work?

Pay, log, manage and analyse all employee payroll and benefits, with pay and HR integrated in one dashboard.

Save time with self-service features for staff to use. By automating and streamlining key processes, HR management becomes a strategic part of your business.

Use Talent Cloud to optimise your staff’s effectiveness. Now you can hire top talent, oversee staff performance and help grow skills.

Thanks to real-time insights into your workers’ time and attendance, you can improve productivity. Plus, with HR managers able to define staff allowances and deductions, it’s easier to meet compliance obligations.

Thanks to reports across all areas of the business, you’ll make more informed, data-driven decisions quickly and effectively.

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1 UHY Middle Market, Achieve Next: CFO and CHRO sentiment study, 2020.
2 ADP Global HCM Decision Makers research, 2017.
3 Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence, Cost of compliance report, 2020.
4 CIO Dive: The new business technology priorities of 2020.

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What is HCM?

Human capital management, or HCM, is the overall strategy a company takes to maximising the potential of its talent. It’s a people-centred approach to human resources, so that mid-sized companies with 50 to 1,000 staff can more efficiently manage both HR and payroll using cloud-based software.

HCM software replaces separate manual processes for HR, payroll, time and attendance with one scalable, cloud-based system of record that grows with the business.

How does ADP’s HCM solution work for mid-sized businesses?

ADP’s HCM solution is called iHCM. Its all-in-one cloud software provides one system for payroll and HR, simplifying and streamlining processes for payroll, HR, time and talent – and providing insights across them all.

ADP iHCM gives your teams all the workforce information needed to understand more about your talent, helping to improve engagement, streamline operations and boost productivity –focusing everyone’s efforts on growing the business.

Will ADP’s HCM integrate with my current system?

Yes, just head over to the ADP Marketplace, Developers Toolkit for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help you connect your application to ADP’s HCM system, which is called iHCM.

Using these APIs will provide instant, automatic data sharing so you can easily integrate your applications with ADP iHCM. Once deployed, you’ll have access to more accurate data from one system of record, providing better data analytics for more informed decisions.