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ADP managed payroll services

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What are managed payroll services?

Whether you’re a start up with just one employee or a global enterprise, paying your people accurately and on time is vital. Manual payroll is error-prone, time-consuming and a legislative minefield, especially in times of change. Engaging experts to manage your payroll for you is the smart solution; keeping you agile and focused on your business success.

ADP’s managed payroll services use cloud-based software that streamline and automate payroll processes, such as payroll tax, payslips and workplace pension scheme eligibility and enrolment.

Choose between different forms of managed payroll services, depending on whether you want to maintain some control, or free yourself from payroll responsibilities.

Why ADP for managed payroll?

We’re the payroll experts with over 70 years’ experience. We’re also innovators who were the first to introduce industry-leading cloud-based technology. When you choose us to manage your payroll, you benefit from ADP’s technology and expertise throughout your payroll processes. We assure best practice and take care of all compliance requests and changes.

Save time and reduce errors

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Streamline processes

Stay compliant at all times

Be sure your data is safe and secure

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The benefits of ADP managed payroll

ADP offers a full range of managed payroll and HR software, from entry-level payroll software to a complete suite of HR and payroll management systems.

Benefit from our unparalleled service:

  • Pay, track, manage, and analyse all employee activity in a single solution
  • Integrate time tracking with payroll
  • Access the latest multi-country payroll data in a single view
  • Benefit from strategic decision-making
  • Receive quarterly and annual reporting on your behalf
  • Use best-in-class technology backed by ADP expertise
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Our managed payroll services options

You benefit from access to ADP experts on all of our managed payroll services options. Which means your questions will be answered by experienced payroll professionals whenever they arise.

Our managed services for small businesses include simple payroll, expert support, and the ability to run payroll quickly in just a few clicks. Your taxes are calculated, deducted and paid automatically.

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Our complete, cloud-based HCM solution for mid-sized businesses streamlines processes for a variety of functions. These include payroll, time management, talent management and HR administration.

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Our managed payroll solutions for global enterprises help you stay compliant with local government regulations in 140 countries. Administrative processes such as employee pay management are centralised, for advanced data analytics and more strategic decisions.

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Managed payroll services right for you

Are managed payroll services right for you?

Want peace of mind that your people are paid on time and accurately? Managed payroll services are what your business needs. No matter the size or shape of your organisation, there’s a managed payroll solution to suit your requirements.

You can choose to keep control over part of your payroll using our Processing Services, or opt for Payroll Managed Services where we take care of every payroll process. Your payroll and HR software can be integrated, delivering data analytics for more insightful decisions and freeing your teams up to focus on running the business.

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How managed payroll services work

How ADP managed payroll services work

Our payroll experts will work with you to gather employee data and create a structure that fits your pay cycle. You’ll be given easy templates to transfer payroll data into. You’ll be guided by an ADP expert throughout implementation.

Once payroll is set up, we conduct a parallel run with your current payroll to ensure everything goes smoothly. From then on, our experts manage your payroll runs, sending you reports before each one to authorise. Your employees will be able to access their payslips using self-service, wherever they are.

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Your ADP managed payroll services questions answered

What is managed payroll?

Managed payroll services use cloud-based software to streamline and automate payroll processes. These include deducting payroll tax, issuing payslips and determining workplace pension scheme eligibility, as well as enrolment. ADP offers a range of managed payroll options: from Processing, to Payroll Managed Services or Payroll Comprehensive Outsourcing Services. Which service you choose depends on whether you want to keep some control, or let go of payroll responsibilities entirely.

Which businesses qualify for fully managed payroll?

If you want to focus your time and attention on your core business functions, then opting for a fully managed payroll solution is ideal. Making payroll errors is upsetting for staff, stressful for businesses, and there’s also the risk of facing fines from HMRC for missing key compliance deadlines. ADP’s fully managed payroll solution saves you time, ensures compliance, and streamlines processes, delivering greater cost efficiencies.

How much does fully managed payroll cost?

With ADP’s fully managed payroll option, you can scale the model up or down, depending on the exact requirements of your business. Options range from entry-level payroll software to a complete suite of HR and payroll management solutions for mid-sized and global enterprises. We’ll guide you through the set-up, and as your payroll becomes more streamlined and simplified, expect to see significant cost efficiencies and increased productivity.

Why choose ADP for fully managed payroll?

When you choose ADP, we bring 70 years of payroll experience, and over 20 years of managing payroll. You’ll benefit from a single system of record to pay, track, manage and analyse all employee activity. Using cloud-based technology, one single view captures the latest multicountry data you need to make effective, and informed insights, helping your business become more agile.