ADP Workforce Manager

Intuitive workforce management for global teams

Automate employee schedules, track performance and manage benefits, time and attendance – all in one place with ADP Workforce Manager.

Manage your global workforce

Manage your global workforce from the palm of your hand

ADP Workforce Manager is a smart time and workforce management solution for global enterprises who use ADP Global Payroll. Intuitive and intelligent, now you can manage your employee’s time and attendance, shifts, and time off - from any device.

Unlike other workforce management products on the market, ADP Workforce Manager has a wide variety of access options, including features for planning, scheduling, absence management and performance tracking. Plus, with ADP’s service, support and certified integration with ADP Global Payroll and HR products, you can rely on our expert assistance every step of the way.

Discover the benefits of one powerful global time management solution

Icon-Boost staff productivity and reduce costs

Boost staff productivity and reduce costs

Streamlined global administration means less time spent on HR queries.

Icon-Gain easy

Gain easy, instant access to workforce data

Now you can give accurate, valuable and speedy insights to stakeholders.


Experience 3 x robust customer support

Our implementation services help with set up, while our hosting and service team provide you with support throughout.

Icon Enhance your decision

Enhance your decision-making and workforce forecasting

Access smart analytics and custom reports powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Icon-Make decisions

Make decisions in real-time

One global system of record provides up-to-the-minute data visibility.

Icon-Become more agile

Become more agile as a global business

Anticipate and plan for all aspects of time tracking, absence and scheduling management.


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The costs of business as usual

The costs of business as usual

If you’re a global enterprise, trying to schedule your people cost-effectively across multiple territories and ensure they’re in the right place at the right time is a complex, logistical operation. If workforce management is poorly looked after, large organisations like yours can underperform on sales, service and other business goals. They also face excessive overtime costs, lost productivity, issues with dishonest time reporting, and punitive fines for non-compliance.

What’s different about ADP Workforce Manager?

What’s different about ADP Workforce Manager?

Whatever the role you play in your organisation, ADP Workforce Manager delivers the same user experience across all countries. As a cloud-based global time and workforce management solution, you can now manage staff time keeping and attendance, schedules, benefits and leave, wherever you are. And because it’s available on desktop or mobile devices, you can action your decisions on the go - or wherever your offices are, post-pandemic.

Whether you need to schedule construction workers in Dubai or sign off hospitality staff leave in Madrid, you and your colleagues have the same, easy and intuitive access to smart workforce data. Imagine the implications for payroll accuracy, maintaining compliance, streamlining processes, reducing costs and improving productivity by being able to analyse workforce trends, plan ahead and respond as situations arise in real-time.

Why ADP?

There are many time management solutions out there, but are they global? Or are your teams trying to make sense of multiple local vendors, with all of the contractual, pricing and management issues that arise? ADP has over 70 years’ experience as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company in helping companies large and small. We provide the customer service, support and high-level integration with ADP Global Payroll and third-party HR products, so implementing and then using ADP Workforce Manager becomes seamless and efficient.

How can ADP Workforce Manager help your business?

Time and attendance tracking

Time & attendance tracking

Our mobile app surfaces actionable data for more informed decisions faster, wherever you are.



Now you have an intelligent way to schedule your global workforce, anytime, anywhere with AI- assisted shift recommendations.

Absence management

Absence management

Gain tighter control over staff costs with data on absence trends and industry benchmarks, to reduce absenteeism.



Our library of legislative and regulatory tools, plus exclusive online support community, helps to keep you compliant.



Smart workforce analytics can monitor, compare and project key performance indicators that improve the bottom line.


Flexible integration

Enhance efficiency and data accuracy with automated, integrations between HR, payroll and time and attendance systems.

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