ADP® Payroll and HR Management, for Ireland

Secure, accurate, consistent, and compliant payroll for organisations of all sizes.

ADP’s payroll and human resource management solutions in Ireland

ADP Ireland offers payroll with human resource management for all sizes of businesses and organisations registered in Ireland. We help simplify payroll processes, deliver accurate calculations of employee pay, and keep you in compliance with local and regional laws and regulations.

Our All-in-One Human Capital Management (HCM) solution is built for organisations with 50 to 1,000 employees. Payroll, human resource management, time and talent management are all key parts of your organisation and the daily life of employees. ADP delivers HCM via a single platform that unites all aspects of the employee lifecycle, from recruiting to payroll, to retirement, and streamlines workflows while empowering staff.


We offer fast, easy and accurate payroll managed service so you save time and money.


Manage your HR administration, people talent, time tracking via a single, seamless employee system of record.


Management & growth solutions for getting the very best from your people.

HR Insights

Get payroll reports with real-time access to employee master data.

Payroll Services

Focus on what matters most with ADP payroll experts to save you time.

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ADP® Payroll Managed Services – a powerful way to run your payroll

ADP offers a highly secure and comprehensive payroll and HR solution for all your payroll needs.

We also streamline administration processes, improve payroll efficiencies and help ensure your payroll meets local and regional regulations in Ireland. We also offer employee payslip access for a paperless solution.

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Features of ADP® Payroll Managed Services, for Ireland

Designed using the leading payroll technology, and backed by proven expertise, ADP Payroll Managed Services, for Ireland delivers the highest levels of data security, privacy, compliance, and peace of mind for you. Through the employee portal, every employee can track their pay any time, from anywhere, on any device.

Calculate employee payroll accurately, every time

Run payroll with confidence, including exceptions, time-sheets, and other employee information, without errors. Gross-to-net calculations and approval reviews prior to submission to run payroll.


Reduce your administrative tasks by having ADP run your entire payroll process, with your final approval. You will benefit from customer support, application updates and upgrades including all statutory requirements, compliance monitoring services and quality production control.

Accidents happen. 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employees in 2015.

Automated updates on payroll legislation

Process all the mandatory and optional statutory deductions for your country and receive fiscal year-end income tax information for all employees.

Keep employee data safe and private

Ensure accurate, timely, and secure end-to-end payroll, from an employee’s join date to final settlement. All communications, including monthly inputs and approvals, live within a highly secure service portal that provides real-time visibility on requests and support.

Create payslip documents for easy access

Generate payslips and end-of-year statements for your employees, managers, and HR, so that they can be accessed immediately or in the future.



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Smarter and easier human capital management (HCM)

Easily navigate through all the ADP iHCM 2 modules. Use any type of device, from mobile, tablet or personal computer.

ADP iHCM 2 simplifies and streamlines HR processes, including payroll, talent acquisition, employee performance management, and HR insights.

Fully accessible across any device, ADP iHCM 2 provides tools for human resource administration, reporting, and analysis so you can monitor everything – from employee performance and time management, to talent acquisition and people analytics — all from one system of record for all employee data.

ADP® iHCM 2 modules

ADP iHCM 2 offers the option of additional flexible modules, built on powerful technology with expert support, all designed to help you improve your employees' experience — no matter what.

Unified payroll and HCM: working better together

ADP® iHCM 2 Payroll Cloud ensures a seamless experience across payroll and HCM, all in one cloud-based solution.

With the all-in-one capabilities of ADP iHCM 2, you can process payroll on time and accurately for your workforce, while managing HR, employee performance and more.

Reduce costs and complexity

A single, centralised system of record will keep your HR and payroll in sync, reducing administrative burdens while maximising accuracy.

You can also deploy, optimise, and grow your workforce — and deliver a better employee experience — without adding complexity to your processes. By integrating HR with payroll, you’ll simplify administrative tasks and empower your employees with expanded self-service capabilities.

Develop the best people

Develop employees more effectively to increase overall productivity across the organisation with employee learning administrative solutions, and goal setting and tracking.

With continuous and targeted feedback and personalised development plans, you will help your employees grow and contribute for the long term.

Access insights for data-driven decision-making

As a manager or executive, you need to be able to tackle areas for improvement across your teams. ADP’s reports give you the relevant employee information to let you measure how your business stacks up – so you can engage in stronger people management and make strategic decisions with confidence.

ADP iHCM 2 All-in-One solution

As your business evolves, so will your need to better manage payroll, time and attendance, talent management, and employee administration. With modules that you can add as you need them — as well as levels of outsourced services — ADP® iHCM 2 will stay with you every step of the way, with functionality and pricing scaled according to the unique needs of your business.


Payroll Cloud

HR Administration

Time Cloud

Talent Cloud

Data Cloud

ADP iHCM 2 Product Modules
ADP iHCM 2 Product Add-ons

Payroll Cloud

HR Administration

Time Cloud

Talent Cloud

Data Cloud

The benefits of a comprehensive background check, for all your new hire employees:

Lower Employee Management Cost

Run payroll and HR with reduced overhead cost all from a single system of record

Stay Compliant and Reduce Errors

Reduce compliance errors to meet required regulations

Improve Personnel Decisions

Make informed decisions to take actions best for your employees

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