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Are you concerned about the amount of time your HR staff spend on admin, paperwork and answering routine enquiries? Perhaps you’re wondering how to reduce your HR department overheads by outsourcing your HR management services. Whether you need advice on keeping up with legal compliance, or HR software which lets you log all staff annual leave, our human resources solutions can help.

With ADP you get the benefit of both cloud-based technology and expertise in HR support too. Outsourcing your HR services to ADP lets you seamlessly improve your HR and payroll management while you draw on our vast experience of helping over one million businesses across many sectors in 140 countries worldwide.

Plus, our in-house experts apply their insights into common HR services pain points to give you guidance and best practices so you can achieve your business objectives.

Why ADP for HR services?

For over 70 years, we’ve been pioneers in payroll and HR outsourcing. We were one of the first in human capital management (HCM) to deliver automation, move to the cloud, provide a mobile app, and create an online marketplace, clearly leading the industry in innovation.  

Coupled with that, we are a major provider of HR services in the UK and one of the largest HCM services providers in North America, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Not to mention the fact that 75% of the Fortune 500 trust us to deliver outsourced HR software in 140 countries.  

Why ADP for HR services?

Which HR services do ADP offer?

Depending on your business size and specific requirements, we offer a wide range of HR outsourcing services providing: 

  • A unique understanding of the global HR and payroll regulatory environment 
  • A breadth of experience matched by no other service provider  
  • Quality checks to flag and fix payroll and HR errors before you notice them 
  • In-house experts who share knowledge, guidelines and best practices 

You select the level of outsourced HR services you need, based on the size of your business and your objectives moving forward. 

Getting Started Services

From implementation to configuration, we help you get up to speed so you can focus your valuable time where it's needed most.

If you have special requirements such as an application integration, we can customise our payroll and HR system to streamline the way you manage employees.

Our training services will not only help you to understand how you want to use our software, but also provide processes and guidelines for HR management.  

Processing Services

We support you when you process HR and payroll

Customer support: ADP specialists will advise you on best payroll practices for your business, while our dedicated help desk provides support. 

Application updates and upgrades: No need to spend time downloading updates. They’re automatically available for you with enhancements to the latest features. 

Compliance monitoring services: We provide you with proactive and practical support to help you navigate the complexities of ever-changing regulation.

Quality production control: ADP HR services’ teams carry out quality checks to find, flag and fix payroll before the review stage, or any transactions take place. 

Payroll Managed Services

With ADP Payroll Managed Services, we run Processing Services, plus we’ll manage your entire payroll end-to-end. Reduce your administrative tasks by letting our experts run payroll for you.

Payroll Comprehensive Outsourcing Services

Let us take care of every aspect of your payroll, from data capture, pay processing to disbursing payments – including super and tax reporting. ADP will be the face of your payroll team for your employees, so you can fully outsource your payroll department functions. These include self-service, so employees can have their HR and payroll questions answered.

HR outsourcing

Perhaps you’re new to the whole process of HR outsourcing and wonder how it all works? Outsourced HR services allow you to avoid the expense of in-house, permanent HR staff. Plus, you save money and time with specialists on call when needed and have access to cutting-edge cloud technology to streamline your payroll and HR data. 

There are many business HR software providers out there. But ADP is one of the few to have been ranked a Leader in industry analyst firm Everest Group’s 2022 Multi-Country Payroll Solutions (MCP) PEAK Matrix® Assessment. Since the evaluation’s start in 2013, Everest Group has consistently ranked ADP as a Leader, owing to our strong global service capabilities and ongoing commitment to innovate the payroll experience by differentiating ourselves from others in the market.  

Innovations include enabling our clients to compare pay against industry averages to retain key talent. Join us, and you’ll become part of a growing number (89%) of our clients who use a strategic, cloud-based HR platform - streamlining operations, highlighting vital data insights, and helping employees to self-serve. 

HR outsourcing

What people say about ADP HR services

ADP HR Support Services

Our HR support is scalable according to your specific needs. We can manage your HR and payroll processes either with you, or for you, depending on how much involvement your teams decide they want. ADP HR services can flex to fit your current or projected needs, whatever the size of your organisation, so you can save money on an in-house HR department while planning ahead for your future growth.  

Whatever option you choose, you’ll have access to thousands of experts who know HR and payroll inside out and can offer best-practice advice to fit your business goals. We will handle your data securely at all times while we ensure that your compliance regulations are met. 

ADP HR Support Services

How ADP's HR services process works

If you’re wondering about the detail of our HR service process, it couldn’t be simpler. We start by analysing what your business needs from HR outsourcing. Perhaps you need to motivate a team who are struggling with their performance. Or urgently need to uncover insights into the top talent in your organisation, so you can formulate more effective strategies to keep them.  

Our experts can then recommend the right level of outsourced HR service based on your needs. Along the way, they will share guidelines, best practices and an unmatched depth of understanding to help you overcome your particular HR challenges.  

Our HR Consulting Services team offers in-depth guidance covering expansion, mergers and acquisitions, reorganisation or any other major initiative, as well as help in optimising payroll or any HR processes and functions. These services can include: 

  • Communicating legislative rules and information 
  • Handling your payroll declarations to authorities 
  • Employee recruitment services 
  • Talent management consulting services  
  • Customised training and best practice recommendations.  
How ADP's HR services process works

Benefits of ADP's HR service process

ADP’s Outsourced HR services provide measurable results achieved through three key phases of transformation: optimisation, visibility and agility. Transforming your HR by outsourcing to ADP and migrating to the cloud can help your business in the following ways:

ICN Phase one – optimisation

Phase one – optimisation

Driving out cost inefficiencies and looking for ways to make your HR and payroll solution simpler.

Releasing significant cost efficiencies

  • Streamlined team processes
  • Increased employee satisfaction and reduced HR queries
  • Effortless regulatory compliance


ICN Phase two – visibility

Phase two – visibility

Making changes that enable HR and payroll-linked data across your organisation to support collaboration and decision-making.

Driving powerful insights

  • Global payroll data integrated
    with HRIS
  • Advanced HR benchmarking and reporting
  • Accurate benefits planning and equal opportunities

ICN Phase three – agility

Phase three – agility

Building flexibility into your HR and payroll solutions so that you can adapt to new ways of working.

Adapting to business and regulations

  • Different pay structures by role and territory
  • Innovative talent attraction and retention
  • Simplified on-and off-boarding

The advantages of our outsourced HR services

ICN Improve HR and payroll productivity

Improve HR and payroll productivity

Increase staff efficiency to help meet your business needs.

ICn Gain peace of mind

Gain peace of mind

Rely on us for guidance, best practices and support whenever you need it.

ICN Experience higher HR and payroll accuracy

Experience higher HR and payroll accuracy

Be confident that your payroll and HR tasks are done correctly and on time.

ICN Free up valuable time

Free up valuable time

Migrate your staff to more strategic, higher-value activities, such as staff retention, while improving your bottom line.

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Your HR services questions answered

What are HR services?

Outsourced HR services are when a company decides to outsource its HR function to an external, trusted provider. The provider will have advisors who are experts in employment law and use a cloud-based digital platform to provide online HR services. These range from automating HR administrative tasks, such as logging staff absences, holiday and attendance, to delivering analytics of employee data so businesses can make more informed decisions.

What HR Services does ADP offer?

ADP HR Services offer a multi-tiered approach to suit your HR needs providing as much or as little support as you need. Our managed services take care of all your payroll and HR tasks, using cloud-based software that seamlessly pulls your processes together into one streamlined solution. Plus, our teams of payroll and HR experts are on hand to understand your business needs and give guidelines on best practice.

What is HR outsourcing?

HR outsourcing is when a business decides to use an external provider to look after human resources. Perhaps the company’s financial and business leaders need more time to focus on what they do best, or there’s a clear need to improve payroll and HR processes. With ADP you can choose exactly the level of support that’s right for your organisation.

Why should I outsource HR?

HR outsourcing services can ease the HR burden on your business. HR jobs often consume your team’s time with repetitive admin. When a trusted payroll and HR supplier takes care of your HR, your staff are freed up for higher-value tasks, such as motivating and retaining talent. Better-managed HR processes means fewer employee problems, less time spent resolving queries and peace of mind about meeting your compliance obligations.

What is HR Support?

HR support is when you outsource your HR function to an external, reputable provider. Outsourcing HR is an important decision, so make sure you do your due diligence and choose a provider with expertise in employment law, as well as a cloud-based platform to streamline and automate your payroll and HR data. Look for a provider who takes data protection extremely seriously, as they will be handling sensitive employee data.

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