Time and attendance

Easily automate your time and attendance.

Time and attendance

Reduce manual tracking errors with automated time and attendance

Do you want to control your workforce costs more effectively, simplify compliance and boost both staff productivity and engagement? If you’re a manager, ADP’s accurate time management tools enable you to have the right people in the right place, at the right time for the right cost.

Here’s what also happens when ADP automate and consolidate your time management systems:

  • Reduce errors associated with manual time input
  • Have better access to vital workforce data
  • Lower costs and automatic compliance
  • Increase efficiency and profitability
Reduce manual tracking errors

Manage your staff more easily

Our innovative time and attendance software integrates with workforce management features to offer:

ICN More accurate, compliant payroll

More accurate, compliant payroll

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) our time tracking software improves payroll accuracy, helping to ensure compliance.

ICN Reduced time tracking costs

Reduced time tracking costs

Efficient time tracking, combined with simpler user access, reduces data collection costs.

ICN Smarter business insights

Smarter business insights

Now your teams have access to extensive employee data to power strategic decisions.

ICN Enhanced productivity

Enhanced productivity

Self-service technology from any device provides a 35% drop in time-related queries.1

Tracking employee work time is more than just recording hours. It’s also about accuracy, regulatory compliance, and business decision-making. With insights into how your business is running, you can improve processes, increase productivity and make more informed decisions about the future of your organisation.

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Key features of ADP’s time and attendance solution 

Key features of ADP’s time and attendance solution

One single cloud-based platform integrates all of the information you need to support business growth and maintain compliance:

Time and attendance tracking
Our workforce management solutions automate error-prone manual processes for collecting and tracking staff time, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Demand-based scheduling
If you have hourly employees, we make rescheduling easy at short notice, with quick access to communication and collaboration.

Complete absence management
Our software calculates accrued time off and automates leave case management, delivering lower overheads for managers and less staff grievances.

Intuitive user experience in the cloud
We combine the latest cloud technology for a more intelligent, mobile and flexible solution. Managers have real-time visibility of staff hours, overtime and absences while staff can update their own details.

Integration with payroll and HCM solutions
Minimise redundant data entry and manual information gathering from multiple processes, with integration between leading payroll, HR, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPS) systems.

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The importance of automating time and attendance

Your HR teams may never have considered it, but time and attendance is crucially important. Businesses who lack the proper tools to track time and attendance, as well as support compliance, leave themselves vulnerable to missed opportunities and significant risk.

Consider the following:

Time fraud can cost businesses up to 5% of gross payroll, according to the American Payroll Association.2

A worker who is 10 minutes late every day could be mistakenly paid for 40 hours per year that they didn’t work.

£77.5 b

That’s the amount presenteeism and absenteeism costs the UK economy a year, combined.3

141.1 m

The number of working days lost in the UK in 2018.4


The percentage of time and attendance errors that affect payroll.5

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Which ADP time and attendance solution is right for your organisation’s size?

ADP® Real Time

ADP® Real Time


A cloud-based solution, ADP Real Time streamlines time and attendance scheduling, timesheets and reporting. It offers a wider range of reporting than competitor solutions, while automatically data sharing with your HR management system to save you time.

ADP Workforce Manager

ADP Workforce Manager


A smart time and workforce management solution, ADP Workforce Manager has features for planning, scheduling, absence management and performance tracking. Providing service, support and certified integration with ADP Global Payroll and HR products, we’re with you at every step.

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4 Britain’s Healthiest Workplace’ survey, Vitality Health, 2018.
5 Global Payroll Performance study, Hackett Group, 2018.

Your ADP time and attendance questions answered

What is time and attendance?

Time and attendance is the name for automated time tracking software so employees can accurately log their time, absences and overtime. It’s best as a business to outsource your time and attendance management to ensure that the solution is accurate, compliant and meets the needs of all of your staff – especially as 95% of employees use their mobiles to complete work tasks.6

6 Mobile Keeps Business moving Forward, Changepoint, 2016.
What are the benefits of an automated time and attendance solution?

ADP’s fully integrated suite of software includes automated tools, configurable workflows, and actionable insights to help your organisation make better workforce decisions by increasing efficiency, improving compliance, and reducing staff costs. Plus, your business will eradicate any errors from manual time input.

Why does my business need to automate time and attendance?

If your business is grappling with payroll errors due to time reporting mistakes, time fraud or absenteeism, you need to automate your time and attendance solution. You can expect to see a 31% increase in profit and a 146% return on your investment.7

7 Productivity: Managing and measuring a workforce, Aberdeen Group, 2015.
What can time and attendance solutions help my business do?

Time and attendance solutions can help your staff to log their time and attendance, and update their own details, while managers can easily reschedule staff based on demand. Team leaders will have visibility of staff hours in real-time, and data integration between payroll and other human capital management systems is seamless.