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Trusted cloud-based payroll for UK enterprises looking for third-party connectivity, payroll efficiency, data security, compliance assistance and local payroll expertise.

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We’re renowned in the UK for our extensive range of payroll offerings to suit all sizes of businesses. If you’re looking for a UK based payroll solution, we have options that can be tailored specifically to your dedicated needs.


ADP Managed Payroll Services

By taking responsibility for some of your payroll processes — from data capture to payroll tax to pensions scheme eligibility — we leave you free to focus on the success of your business.

We can also take on specific tasks on your behalf, such as payroll application updates, upgrades and mandatory reports. As you’d expect our support team will always follow your protocols — making sure all payroll decisions are agreed by you in advance.

You simply choose the level of service that suits your current needs, depending on how much control you want of your payroll operations.

ADP Processing Services

This enables you to keep most of your payroll under your control.

You simply use ADP to support and host the application — transferring processed payroll data safely back to you. In addition, we’ll keep you advised of any system or legislative changes, as well as providing advice and support via our customer centre.

ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services

With this service we effectively become your payroll department, running payroll for you.

We not only manage every aspect of your payroll — from data capture and pay processing to disbursing payments — we also support your employees by answering all their payroll queries through a dedicated helpline.

Enhanced Services

A predefined package comprised of carefully selected additional tasks including direct access to UK based Payroll Specialists, the upload of data into third-party systems and support with writing ad-hoc or bespoke reports. The package can be tailored accordingly to the challenges and needs of your business.



Payroll isn’t just about payroll. You can use the data to inform your business strategy in a variety of ways by connecting your existing HR solutions including your HR SOR via a range of APIs and partners.

Accessing them is easy with ADP Marketplace Partners and ADP API Central.

ADP Marketplace Partners

ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront where you can connect and share data across all your HR solutions to simplify your HR processes, reduce data errors and gain insights into everything from employee churn to the effectiveness of incentive schemes.

Compliance issues, talent management and training can all be streamlined and enhanced. And by giving staff access to self-service platforms, where they can clearly see all their pay details, with access to other tools like holiday allowances and performance metrics, you can make a big difference to your employee experience.

Access HR solutions that simply and securely connect and share data with your ADP platform

ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront of solutions that seamlessly integrate with ADP. With a curated set of apps from ADP and third-party partners, you can easily explore, pick and implement solutions designed to help simplify how you manage HR and run your business.

Simplify and streamline your HR data

Choose from easy-to-use solutions that can improve your organisation’s HR processes. The apps available through ADP Marketplace make it possible for you to:

  • Automatically sync employee data between solutions, saving you time on admin work.
  • Enter data once and share it securely across all your HR solutions to reduce errors and boost efficiency.
  • Quickly add new features and functions as your needs change.

Find the best-fit solutions for your top HR challenges

No matter your business size, solutions from ADP Marketplace can help you meet your company’s specialized HR needs. Find new ways to:

  • Recruit and onboard new talent.
  • Comply with labour laws, training requirements and more.
  • Help employees improve their financial wellbeing.
  • Improve employee engagement and more.

ADP API Central

This also gives you access to a range of ADP APIs, tools and services, all in one place so you can simplify the way you connect all your data across one ecosystem.

Whether you’re using an in-house IT resource or working with a third party, APIs can help on a number of fronts, from screening and selection services to recruiting and worker’s lifecycle management. There are also APIs on subjects as diverse as pay distribution and tax credits, with many more.

Access ADP APIs, tools and services, all in one place.

ADP API Central is simplifying the way you connect your data across your entire ecosystem. With instant access to secure APIs, tools and resources, IT teams and application developers can easily simplify and automate your business processes with custom integrations, whether you’re using in-house resources or working with a third-party integrator.

This is great news for today’s HR professionals: Now your workforce data can be synced across all your HR systems. By eliminating the need to manually enter data into multiple systems, you’ll save time and reduce data errors.



Whether your business is inside or outside the EU, there are still a great many regulations to consider.

Those operating within the EU and the UK — or handling data of EU residents — personal data must comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Businesses in the UK also have a long list of regulatory milestones to navigate. In fact, the UK government periodically reviews and amends tax laws, employment regulations and other relevant legislation. From the national minimum wage to the UK Employments Right Act, it’s important to keep abreast of new developments. Indeed, firms can be fined for non-compliance.

Which is why it’s reassuring to know that ADP is one of a select few trusted by regulators to handle sensitive data of clients, their employees and business associates. Our software is designed to integrate with HMRC’s systems, while our team of compliance experts provide the kind of constant oversight in-house payroll staff simply don’t have the time to do.

Built-in compliance checks and updates are also very much part of ADP’s offering, designed to reduce the risk of human error wherever possible.



When it comes to payroll, HR and compliance, ADP leads the way.

Our easy-to-use, innovative technology, market leading insights and dedicated.

When you need help, we understand the importance of delivering a fast, effective solution.

In fact, we have a Centre of Excellence designed to resolve queries immediately. And if extra support is needed, our team will connect you with a relevant expert.

If you require we can also look after any additional IT needs, from compliance monitoring to quality production control.

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Which ADP product is right for your company?

ADP® Celergo

Ideal for multinational organisation with at least one country with more than 1,000 employees, ADP® Celergo is designed to meet multi-country regulatory and statutory operations.

In many countries there are specific rules and regulations on employers when making statutory payroll payments. Accurate and timely payroll payments require more than just moving funds and many don’t have the expertise or resources needed to navigate the multitude of variables to be compliant.

ADP Celergo is the result of long standing partnerships with licence partners in 70 countries worldwide, offering clients a reliable, unified way to connect multicountry payrolls in one platform.

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ADP® Global Payroll

ADP Global Payroll combines ADP GlobalView Payroll and ADP Celergo to create a unified multi-country international payroll solution.

Best suited for multinational organisations with more than 1,000 employees and multiple smaller countries with an employee base below 1000, ADP Global Payroll is a unique solution designed to save you money, reduce risks and provide insights to help you see the big picture.

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ADP GlobalView® Payroll

Designed for businesses with thousands of employees, ADP payroll delivers expertise across over 42 countries in a single, elegant solution.

Developed in response to different rules and regulations, banking systems, and compliance challenges across the globe , ADP's cloud-based GlobalView Payroll platform makes it easier to run global payroll by using a single system of record — unifying employee data around the world.

With access to 3,000+ compliance and payroll professionals to cover payroll compliance obligations globally. ADP GlobalView Payroll can also be combined with ADP Celergo for smaller subsidiaries to extend payroll in up to 140 countries.

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Which payroll solutions are best for large businesses?

We offer a variety of industry-leading, world-class payroll solutions. No matter how large your business is, our software is adaptable to meet your needs. You can choose from a range of our solutions such as ADP Local Payroll, ADP® Celergo, ADP GlobalView® Payroll and ADP Global Payroll.

Why ADP is a good choice for large businesses?

Our cloud-based software is adaptable to suit your business, no matter the size. Added to this is our global presence and in-depth knowledge of the markets in which we operate. This means that no matter how large your business is, our range of solutions will fit right in.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my payroll to ADP as a large business?

Over 1 million customers rely on us to help them navigate the regulatory landscape worldwide.
Growing, global businesses turn to us to help them become more agile, insight-driven and people-focused.
With over 70 years’ experience, and a strong team of experts worldwide, we understand that quality of service is what makes us stand apart.