Take a look at UK workers’ opinions on pay, performance and transparency

Amid economic uncertainty, understanding wage growth is crucial. The latest CIPD Pay, performance and transparency 2024 report, supported by ADP, reviews factors driving pay decisions in UK workplaces with a focus on:

  • how economic pressures are affecting pay increases currently, and the likely impact throughout 2024
  • the most common ways that employers manage base and variable pay in the UK, which employee groups are most likely to have pay linked to performance, and the effect on employee behaviours
  • the extent of pay transparency both internally and externally, how companies check employee understanding of pay issues, and how organisations are analysing pay inequalities
  • recommendations to maximise the impact of pay decisions and incentives in your organisation

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This report serves as a guiding compass for HR professionals, business leaders and policymakers, offering insights into the factors shaping wage growth in the UK, from macroeconomic trends to industry specifics. Highlights include:

gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap reporting

Almost a fifth (17%) of large employers (250+ employees) said they haven’t carried out gender pay gap reporting and 18% said they didn’t know whether their organisations had conducted reporting

39% of organisations do not use performance-related pay

Performance-related pay

39% of organisations do not use performance-related pay, the most common reasons are lack of budget, or perceptions that it is controversial or divisive

Only 54% of organisations check that their employees understand their pay

Understanding pay

Only 54% of organisations check that their employees understand their pay, despite the finding that requests for information about pay have increased in the last year, perhaps because of the cost-of-living crisis

Inflation Impact

Inflation Impact

44% of respondents are still unable to predict how and when employee pay in their organisations might recover from the recent inflationary spike.