COVID-19 hit payroll hard. Those of you on the frontline were affected by the tsunami of legislative changes that followed the initial explosion of the pandemic. A fourfold increase in payroll-related legislation within 30 days as governments sought to mitigate the pandemic’s economic effects. Tax changes, employee furloughs, social security deferments and all kinds of support schemes were rushed onto statute books. And even as you tried to deal with this, many of you would have had your offices closed and may even have had to find cover as illness laid low your own payroll staff.

Turning the challenge into an opportunity

Whatever the problems are, the pandemic has drawn payroll into the spotlight and set a huge magnifying glass against them. While you need to address the inherent problems, this is an opportunity to focus on solutions that not only deliver accurate payroll and resilience but enable you to explore the potential of payroll to help you meet future challenges and drive your business forward.

Drawing on the potential of payroll, a comprehensive survey of HR, finance and payroll leaders from around the world, this interactive workbook from ADP is your go-to resource to help you improve accuracy and unlock payroll’s potential.