Near Miss or Early Warning?

You’ve tackled some big challenges recently. Huge legislative payroll changes plus the technical issues of trying to manage payroll remotely during lockdown, often using systems and processes that haven’t changed in years for many businesses, despite the enormous changes around you.

Blindspot or Spotlight?

There are things you’ve wanted to do with payroll for a long time – upgrade the technology, reduce risk, automate tasks. Post-lockdown the whole business has realised what a core function payroll is.

Tactical or Strategic?

There’s plenty to gain from advancing your payroll process, but at what cost? Before the impact of the global pandemic 64% of European employers said payroll is too important to risk a major change – worth thinking about if you view payroll as purely tactical.

Clearly, doing nothing is not an option. But we know that even leaders who are ready to embrace change can find it hard knowing where to start.

This insightful eBook highlights the state of payroll today – and what can be done to turn it from a lumbering cost-centre into a strategic benefit. You’ll discover a phased approach to payroll transformation, which will enable you see value in your payroll transformation project, faster.

Inside, you’ll also learn about the six payroll weaknesses exposed by COVID-19. 

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