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The benefits of a unified Global payroll

Forrester study finds ADP Global Payroll can boost your bottom line

What are the benefits of using a Global payroll solution?

For international operations like yours, payroll has become increasingly complex. Your teams must keep up with ever-changing regulations as well as local legislation, manage a variety of HR management platforms and ensure pay is processed accurately and on time.

Against this backdrop, ADP commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an independent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment for international organisations using ADP Global Payroll. Forrester found that after investment in ADP Global Payroll, customers gained a singleunified global payroll solution, fully integrated with their HR management platforms.

ICN Return on investment

Return on investment

Compliance costs

Avoidance of compliance costs

ICN Total payroll process

Total payroll process efficiency gain (small countries)

ICN Direct cost avoidance

Direct cost avoidance of legacy systems

“When we consolidated these local solutions country by country, ADP found and resolved many compliance issues – it was by far our biggest win as the company was exposed in so many places that we were unaware of.”

Executive director, enterprise business services strategy, Aerospace and Defence

4 reasons to use ADP Global Payroll

A scalable, unified platform, ADP Global Payroll streamlines payroll processes across an organisation’s international footprint. The solution enables organisations to increase compliance, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, as well as bring all data into a single consolidated view.

Organisations who implemented ADP Global Payroll highlighted increased efficiency, avoidance of costs related to non compliance, and global payroll coverage through a single consolidated vendor.

Although Forrester couldn’t quantify the additional benefits, they highlighted benefits that provided value, including:

  • ADP’s ability to meet high-level cybersecurity requirements
  • Increased accuracy and reliability
  • Improved employee experience
  • Increased transparency and business insights

Reduce global payroll costs

Prior to using ADP Global Payroll, the customers were using multiple nonintegrated payroll solutions formed by a mixture of local vendors and in-house legacy systems. However, this yielded limited success, leaving them with high costs, unreliable data, and inefficient payroll processes that were subject to high-risk exposure in some places. Sound familiar?

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“With ADP, we have more transparency, more control and visibility.”

Head of HR shared service operations, Pharmaceutical and Medical devices