ArcelorMittal share their experience of working with ADP and the challenges we have overcome together.

It’s very reassuring to have the expert team at ADP to support us when needed. They’re always extremely responsive and willing to help, no matter what the request.

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Uma Ari, HR Business Partner


Ari and her team at ArcelorMittal knew that at a time of great uncertainty in the world, it was imperative that payroll continued seamlessly and without delay. The team wanted to partner with a provider they could trust to undertake ArcelorMittal’s payroll and free up the team’s time so that they could focus more on other strategic business concerns.


How ADP helped:

For large, multinational organisations such as ArcelorMittal, iHCM provides a simple and scalable solution for unifying payroll across multiple countries. Through iHCM, ADP provides ArcelorMittal with a payroll solution that’s designed for speed, accuracy and efficiency. 

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