Real estate manager ERESM was looking for a HR system because it no longer wanted to rely on Excel files for its basic administration.

Employees now feel more in control of their own information. As a result, the system has been extremely well received.

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Minne Polhuis, Delivery Manager, Strategic Projects


ERESM went on the lookout for a new HR system.
Our initial aim was to incorporate our basic administration — which was mainly based on Excel files — into a new platform.
A second question arose: Namely, whether it would be possible to manage our payroll activities internally

How ADP helped:

The existing partnership between CAPREIT and ADP formed the basis for exploring the options available to ERESM to work with a single integrated system for payroll as well as HR.
The solution involved using ADP iHCM, which is an all-in-one system for HR and payroll. It didn’t take long for ERESM to get started with the new system.
The results: High acceptance rate among employees and focus on the future.

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