Right from its humble beginnings, innocent has followed the philosophy of outsourcing the elements of the business that are not core and which someone else can do better. One of these is payroll.

ADP does the job and does it well. We couldn’t ask for a more dependable payroll provider and we are looking to populate the system with our benefits data in the next year in order to streamline our processes further.

Natasha Humphreys, Payroll and Benefits Specialist
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  • Outsource the elements of the business that are not core.
  • Outsource payroll to make sure people were paid correctly.
  • Seek a partner that was an established and trusted provider in the marketplace.

How ADP helped:

  • Outsourcing the payroll function of the business has meant that time can be freed for value-added activities.
  • The level of service ADP provide was a major factor in the decision and ADP could prove that ADP could manage the payroll to the high standards that innocent were looking for.
  • ADP’s payroll system is a widely used solution and ADP a reputable provider.

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