This case study of Malin & Goetz Inc is based on a May 2022 survey of ADP customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

The benefits of using ADP is having a dedicated payroll specialist.

HR Director,
Malin & Goetz Inc


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select ADP :

  • ADP was the right fit for their business
  • ADP’s ability to meet their global payroll requirements

Use Case:

When asked to rate each of the following aspects of ADP, the surveyed company reported:

  • Customer support: Best in Class
  • Implementation: Excellent
  • Product functionality: Good
  • Ability to meet compliance regulations: Good
  • User Interface / User Experience: Good
  • Payroll accuracy: Excellent

How ADP helped:

Primary benefits the surveyed company has experienced since working with ADP:

  • Saved time and money by streamlining processes
  • Better reporting capabilities through ADP’s systems
  • Increased employee engagement through ADP’s self-service tools
  • Reduced duplication and manual processes
  • More efficient in processing our payroll

Statements which apply to the surveyed company:

  • ADP saves time by helping us manage our payroll and HR functions more efficiently
  • The ADP team understands our business and works in partnership with us
  • ADP helps quickly identify problems and resolves them in an efficient and timely manner

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