Mersen’s HR management team identified the need for a well-established HRIS in order to standardize processes and ensure coherent HR policies.

ADP has become our common language, in terms of salaries, job titles, competencies… Today, everyone speaks the same language and there is now more consistency across the 35 counties where Mersen operates.

Estelle Legrand, HR Director


  • Improving its understanding of populations within the Group.
  • Performing analyses from different perspectives.
  • Organizing HR processes

How ADP helped:

Mersen opted for two modules: HR Intelligence and HR Process, which ADP’s teams rolled out with ease by mirroring the project organization.

  • HR Intelligence helps decision-making, being based on the collection and consolidation of a range of HR data, obtained primarily from the payroll system.
  • HR Process models all HR processes (annual appraisals, bonus calculation, initial feedback reports, exit interviews, etc.).

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