Since implementation in March 2009 ADP’s time and labour management solution has made it easier for supervisors to complete timesheets accurately and allows them to record what each employee has been doing as well as the number of hours worked.

As a result of ADP’s payroll and time and labour management solutions, we really have seen a transformation in our time and attendance and payroll processes. It has made my job and the supervisors’ jobs much easier as well as increasing efficiency enormously. We feel in control now and have total confidence in payroll accuracy, which is good for us, our staff and our clients.

Laurie Denton, Finance Director
Nimax Theatres


  • Nimax Theatres’ workforce is rarely the same from one week to the next and staff rarely work the same hours. This makes its payroll very complicated, especially as staff costs need to be recharged accurately to individual show productions each week.

How ADP helped:

  • With ADP, Nimax find a solution that would bring simplicity and clarity to what is a very complex and time consuming payroll.

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