Getting paid is the reason that people come to work, but we don’t want to be occupied with the process all of the time, which is why ADP is so important to Plastica Pools.

It’s nice to have everything working seamlessly and in one place. All we have to do now is put any staff changes into our HR system, and it drops straight into the ADP payroll solution.


Ian Warne, Finance Director
Plastica Pools


  • Plastica Pools did not have any sort of HR software before implementing ADP’s HR solution.
  • The company used to run its payroll in-house, a number of systems failures brought home the importance of having a contingency plan for payroll.

How ADP helped:

  • Plastica Pools have now everything working seamlessly and in one place.
  • With pension scheme provision always in the news, and legislation constantly being reviewed and changed, ADP’s experts are always on hand to help.

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