We needed to create a strong, stable organisation no matter the market. Payroll is like water. You turn on the tap, and you expect it to flow. It’s only notable if it doesn’t show up.

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Mark van Bijsterveld, Chief HR Officer


The company has a presence in 74 countries, in big markets such as the Netherlands, China and the United States, but also in many smaller markets with just a few dozen employees each. Getting payroll right for 38,000 employees globally was no small task.

Standardising and simplifying Signify’s payroll was the goal.

How ADP helped:

Focusing on France and Poland to start, teams from Signify and ADP got together to map out the payroll process from end to end.
In all, it took about 10 months to redesign Signify’s payroll process, but 95% of the efficiencies came out of a four-month sprint.

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