Learn how T. Quality chose ADP’s payroll solution.

Our integrated HR and payroll solution has saved us a great deal of time, allowing our staff to focus on value added activities such as overseeing the running of the distribution depots. The payroll now runs much more efficiently with fewer queries arising.

Eric Scott, Financial director
T. Quality


  • T. Quality chose ADP’s payroll solution after assessing the market for the best solution for the company.
  • T. Quality wanted to cut down on processing time by making line managers take more responsibility for their team’s data.
  • As a result of having separate payroll and HR systems T. Quality frequently found themselves manually keying in the same data twice, with human error leading to discrepancies between the two systems.

How ADP helped:

  • Line managers can now keep track of their team’s payroll and HR data, including recording sick days and scheduling appraisals.
  • The managers now have much more responsibility and control over their teams.

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