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What is HR software?

HR software brings together and automates disparate and often time-consuming, manual HR processes in one simple system called Human Capital Management (HCM). These different HR processes include payroll, time, attendance, recruiting and onboarding. Confusingly, HCM can also be known as a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or a Human Resources Information System (HRIS), although there is no difference between them.

Think of this online HR software as a new set of intuitive tools, giving you and your team more control over all of your HR functions - so that you can help maximise the potential of your employees.

Benefits of ADP's HR software

Discover the benefits for your business of using employee management software:

Unify payroll and HCM

One cloud-based solution lets you process payroll accurately and on time, while managing HR, employee performance, time and attendance and other reporting activities from the entire employee life cycle.

Reduce costs and complexity

One single system syncs your HR and payroll data - keeping it accurate, up-to-date, safe and secure. Our HR payroll software lets you manage your workforce and deliver a better employee experience. With tasks simplified, your employees can manage their own HR-related administration, boosting their control and overall satisfaction.

Track and schedule time easily

Using employee self-service, you can capture time and attendance to make more strategic decisions about scheduling and staffing. Plus, it’s easier to stay on top of compliance obligations.

Find and develop the best people

Find, recruit, train and develop top talent with our automated human resource management system. With continuous, targeted feedback and personalised development plans, your HR teams can nurture employees with a transparent, intuitive candidate experience.

Base your decisions on data

With smart reporting from ADP’s HR software systems, such as ADP® iHCM 2, you have access to all the relevant employee online HR information. You can manage your teams better and make strategic decisions with more confidence.

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Features of ADP’s HR software

At ADP, our human resources software is called ADP® iHCM 2. It’s an all-in-one, cloud-based HR and payroll solution for managing and paying employees across their entire life cycle, from hire to retire.

A modular, scalable system, ADP® iHCM 2 grows with your business, wherever you’re based. As employee management software, it provides tools for human resource administration, reporting and analysis. With one system of record for all employee data, your teams can monitor everything, from staff performance and time management, to talent acquisition and people analytics.

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Why is HR software important?

HR and payroll software like ADP’s ADP® iHCM 2 is vital because it puts the needs of your people front and centre, saving time and freeing your HR teams from repetitive admin tasks. With all employee data in one place it helps to enhance productivity and collaboration across your business.

As the HRIS software is cloud-based it automatically updates, helping to keep you up to date and compliant. If you’re still unsure, take a look at the list of benefits from using HR systems. Now your teams can:

  • Access and upload all employee data using the same dashboard
  • Simplify payroll so that it’s fast and accurate
  • Track time and attendance and manage absence
  • Find, hire and develop new talent
  • Motivate and encourage teams
  • Spot trends in staff behaviour with smart data analysis
  • Boost productivity with goals and rewards
  • Approve holiday and expenses requests from employees using self-service
  • Securely store documents
  • Set reminders and automate tasks
  • Save time with automated manual processes.
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HR software by organisation size

ADP® iHCM 2 Payroll


ADP iHCM 2 Payroll is a hassle-free, highly secure and comprehensive payroll solution. It simplifies payroll processes, delivers accurate calculations of employee pay, and keeps you compliant with local and regional laws and regulations. Designed using leading payroll technology, and backed by proven expertise, ADP iHCM 2 Payroll delivers the highest levels of data security, privacy, compliance, and peace of mind for you.



ADP iHCM 2 is a complete human capital management (HCM) system in the cloud. As a comprehensive HCM solution it simplifies and streamlines HR processes for employee administration, document management, talent acquisition, employee performance management, employee development and training, as well as tools for human resource administration, reporting, and analytics.

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Your ADP HR software questions answered

How to choose HR software?

Choose an HR software provider with a cloud-based, secure system designed by and for HR professionals, so that it’s intuitive, scalable, easy to use and can integrate with your existing systems. Check that the software automatically updates and takes care of compliance, eradicating the chance of stiff penalties for missing filing deadlines. Opt for an expert support team who are easy to contact.

Is ADP’s software an HRIS system?

Yes, ADP offers a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) in the form of a product called ADP® iHCM 2. It’s an all-in-one, cloud-based HR and payroll solution for managing and paying employees across their entire life cycle, from hire to retire. With one system of record for all employee data, your teams can monitor everything, from staff performance and time management, to talent acquisition and people analytics.

Benefits of choosing ADP's HR software

The main benefits of choosing ADP’s HR software are that it automates and streamlines manual admin processes. Your teams can access and upload all employee data using one system. You can track time and attendance and manage absence, while payroll is simpler, faster and more accurate. Managers can approve holiday and expense requests as employees self-serve. Hiring and developing new staff becomes easier, as does motivating teams.