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Dissatisfied with your current payroll provider?

If your payroll and HR teams are struggling with insufficient support from your current provider, it’s time to talk to us. At ADP we’ve been helping all sizes of businesses solve their payroll and HR challenges for over 70 years. Switching provider needn’t be daunting. Our knowledgeable experts are on hand to help you make the transition and get you set up quickly. Soon you’ll be saving time and money, working more quickly and efficiently and delivering an accurate and compliant payroll through our cloud-based solutions.

Businesses of all sizes are switching to ADP

Discover the reasons why our UK clients stay with us on average for eight years or more:

Customer service

Offering technology expertise in 35 languages from 18 global service centres, we aim to give our clients an outstanding experience, from implementation and throughout their payroll journey.

Easy onboarding

Our Global Consulting Services arm assists clients, whatever their size, with every stage of their payroll journey to help them succeed. We use a proven implementation methodology refined over 20 years.

Accurate payroll

We pay over 40 million workers worldwide – on time and in compliance. In addition, we employ 1,510 payroll specialists with local and global knowledge to help manage your payroll in over 140 countries.

Scalable solutions

We provide cloud-based managed payroll services to eliminate errors and help keep you compliant. Choose from quick and easy payroll software, to a full suite of HR and payroll solutions for more complex needs.

Helping mid-sized companies reduce costs

If, like many mid-sized businesses, your focus is saving money, becoming more operationally efficient and saving time, then you’re in good company. An experienced payroll provider like us can integrate your payroll and HR data into one cloud-based system that eradicates manual processes. One workforce view means quick access to reliable payroll and HR data for more accurate forecasting.

To help ease budgetary pressures, if you switch your payroll outsourcing to ADP, for a limited time only we’re deferring implementation fees over the course of our initial contract.

Supporting enterprises to future-proof their business

We work with a range of large organisations with a variety of head counts, providing large-business payroll solutions. We’re active in many sectors, too - from manufacturing and construction, retail and financial services, to tech.

Our cloud-based solutions help you future-proof your business, so that you can respond quickly to unforeseen events, using data analytics to pivot your strategies as and when needed.

Plus, our large-business payroll services will evolve with you. We offer more options than any other provider, as we’ve been living and breathing payroll for 70 years. Over one million customers globally trust us to deliver and support cloud payroll processes. With 45 support centres, your employees will be paid accurately, and tax liabilities met on time. With our customised corporate payroll solutions to fit the specific needs of your business, we’re here to help you unlock the power of payroll.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what our clients say …

95 percent said making the switch to ADP was easy1

9 out of 10 agree that we help them comply with payroll tax laws and regulations2

9 out of 10 now worry less about HR issues3

Nearly 3 out of 4 say ADP is easier to use than their previous provider4


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We're also highly rated in these areas:


Ease of doing business




Quality of support


Payroll entry


Performance and reliability


Ease of use5

Robert Dunigan-Four Seasons 

Hear how we’ve helped Four Seasons with flexible, reliable payroll services.

Why our customers stay with us

Here’s some of the reasons why one million clients worldwide continue to trust us with their payroll and HR:

  • Our global footprint in 140 countries
  • A combination of deep country expertise and local language support
  • AA, Aa3 and AA credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s®, Moody’s® and Fitch
  • Our work with local tax authorities to monitor annual regulations and maintain compliance
  • The highest standards of global data protection for your data
  • Integrated solutions to help ensure your employees are paid accurately, on time and in compliance
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Always here to help

Our high levels of customer service are a combination of several factors:

  • Delivering 24/7 support even outside normal business hours
  • Constant monitoring of client accounts and data security by our 300+ security practitioners
  • Following Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards
  • Saving your business time and helping you to boost efficiency through developing integrated, automated cloud solutions.
1 ADP 2020 Client Survey.
2 ADP 2020 Client Survey.
3 ADP 2020 Client Survey.
4 ADP 2020 Client Survey.
5 G2 user review data from March 23, 2022.

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Top FAQs about switching

How much time will it take to switch to ADP?

The time it takes to switch depends on your company’s priorities, the services you’re currently using and how quickly you can access the necessary data. Some of our customers are up and running in two days, while others choose to switch over within weeks. Some non-payroll services may take longer to set up. However, we ensure that all transitions are well-planned so as not to disrupt your payroll process.

Does it matter what time of year I switch over?

We can support your move at any time. Some customers prefer to wait until a new quarter or new year, but it’s up to you. Any reputable payroll provider will be able to give you a list of forms and any details needed to make a smooth transition.

How much time will I spend on payroll with a service provider?

If you’re manually running payroll now, you can expect to significantly reduce the amount of time your teams spend. How much depends on the payroll services you choose. One of our customer service representatives can take you through the options and help you choose the package that’s best for your business – whether it’s tracking time and attendance, assistance with background or employment checks, or cheque signing.

How much does it cost?

Certain factors will affect the cost, such as how frequently you run payroll, the number of staff you pay, how often you add or remove payees and which services are needed. We’ll work with you to determine the right payroll package for your size of business, no matter how simple or complex your objectives.

How do I pay employees if disaster strikes?

Our products are in the cloud, which means you can run payroll anytime, anywhere – regardless of what’s going on locally. We have an established Business Resiliency Plan to enable us to respond to any incident including partnerships with local and international agencies, planning for employee safety and the swift recovery of essential data centre operations.

What are the different staff payment options?

Employers now have a range of often smarter ways to pay employees. Talk to us so we can advise you on the best fit for your company and staff.