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Why companies should use ADP® BackCheck for background screening

Are you a talent or HR manager? When your team conducts employment background checks in-house, you may face a familiar picture: high resourcing costs, lack of dedicated staff, accuracy concerns or sheer amount of time spent. Maybe you are one out of five employers without a written background screening policy in place. Or you’re worried that your company is among the 60% of organisations who don’t currently perform any social media searches before hiring staff. ADP BackCheck can take away the headache:

ICN Perform background checks faster

Perform background checks faster

ICN Hire faster with more confidence

Hire faster with more confidence

ICN Hire faster with more confidence with employment laws

Keep up to date with employment laws

ICN Reduce employee turnover

Reduce employee turnover

ICN Protect your candidates personal data

Protect your candidates personal data

ICN Deliver a positive candidate experience

Deliver a positive candidate experience

Why outsource your background screening to ADP?

ADP can help you hire candidates safely, securely and with a minimum of fuss, by:

  • Improving your regulatory compliance – the number one reason why organisations favour pre-employment background screening
  • Reducing the risk to your employee safety
  • Navigating ever-changing, complex employment regulations, as research shows: 35% of companies are turning to an external background screening provider to help
  • Factoring in post-Brexit legislative developments which your HR teams would otherwise have to contend with
  • Avoiding the burden that falls on companies like yours to train staff, and keep them up to date with regulatory changes
  • Helping avoid the liability, reputational harm and damage to your brand as a result of making a poor hire
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Why outsource your background screening to ADP?

What makes ADP® BackCheck different?


Ensured compliance – domestic and general

Our experienced global compliance team monitors relevant legislation to regularly update clients.

Compliance specialists in over 20 offices around the world help us combine a global service with local knowledge.


Candidate-focused experience

Our dedicated account service anticipates organisations’ needs and responds swiftly to requests.

The candidate portal lets applicants complete consent forms and sign documents online.


Robust data security

We use multiple layers of security and disaster recovery to prevent service interruptions and support globally compliant processes.

Our information security programme promotes ISO27001 compliance.


Continuous technical enhancements

We harness learnings from our annual screening of millions of candidates to refine our processes.

Unique verification technology and a proprietary directory boost email contact for higher completion rates and lower timeframes for references, employment and education checks.


Global solutions

With our global footprint, we offer multilingual support for criminal record checks, reference checks and ID validation.

We work with local government agencies, the police or reliable sources from over 195 countries to conduct criminal record checks.

ADP® BackCheck features

Designed with candidate satisfaction at its core to ensure a positive experience throughout, ADP BackCheck boasts an intuitive mobile design for easy access anywhere, anytime. Features include: seamless login and identity verification and customised branding, and the platform is compliant with local screening laws. It provides the following checks:

  • Identity and right to work verification
  • Credit and address checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Directorship checks
  • Adverse professional media searches
  • Social media searches
  • Global risk database checks and terrorist watchlists
  • DVLA reports
  • Regulatory database checks and references
  • Education and professional credential verifications
  • Employment and activity verifications
  • Reference interviews
  • Executive investigations
  • Global checks across 200+ countries and jurisdictions
ADP® BackCheck features

Why is background screening important?

According to research in 2018, there has been a 12 per cent rise since 2016 in organisations turning to external background screening providers, like ADP. It’s part of a growing awareness amongst companies about the importance of background screening, with eight out of ten companies conducting pre-employment checks compared to six out of ten in 2016.4  Add in a diverse and growing workforce, international hires, freelance or contingent workers, compliance regulations and Brexit … and the picture becomes even more complex.

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Why is background screening important?

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Why should I outsource my background screening?

New employees cost businesses in time, training, money and internal resources. The top three consequences of a bad hire, according to Robert Half research, are increased workload, stress and less productivity.5 Outsourcing your background screening programme lowers the risk of occupational theft which, from a 2018 Finance Monthly study, costs an estimated £3.2 trillion worldwide annually.6

Why use ADP for my outsourced background screening?

Our global compliance teams span 20 offices in 3 continents, monitoring legislation and updating our clients regularly of the implications of any changes. We take data security extremely seriously, which is why our information security programme promotes ISO27001 compliance. Plus, ADP’s unique verification technology and a proprietary directory boost email contact for higher completion rates and lower timeframes for further checks.

What are the benefits of using ADP Backcheck for background screening?

Your teams can perform background checks faster using ADP Backcheck, while staying fully compliant with the latest UK employment laws. Candidates experience an easy, user-friendly interface and consistent onboarding helping your business reduce costs and minimise any reputational harm.

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