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Welcome to seamless, unified global payroll

Are you overseeing payroll across multiple countries and territories? ADP Celergo is a global payroll solution, helping HR and payroll professionals like you to run multicountry payroll and provide easy access to data. Now your teams can run multicountry payroll from one single system of record. ADP Celergo easily handles changes, calculations, compliance, funding and reporting by standardising international payroll processes and ensuring visibility to meet regulations.

Simply put, ADP Celergo will help you reimagine your payroll by integrating technology, local suppliers and streamlining global payroll management. You’ll find that every aspect of your global payroll processing is unified, bringing:

Simpler payroll administration

Easily source, manage and deliver global payroll.

Improved efficiency

Save admin time with optimised workflows and automation.

Greater accuracy

Reduce human error by automating data input and aggregation.

Scalability and flexibility

Our scalable, flexible global payroll solution adapts rapidly when needed.

Less risk of non-compliance

We bring decades of payroll experience and a global footprint to help you stay compliant.

Increased security

With award-winning data security and privacy standards, your data stays secure.

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One global payroll cloud solution

By providing one system with a standard workflow, ADP Celergo simplifies and unifies your global payroll. Expect seamless integration, online reporting and data security that meets the highest standards.

A wealth of payroll insight

With all of your payroll data displayed in one single place, now you can drill deep into the figures. Plus, ADP Celergo can seamlessly integrate with popular third-party human capital management (HCM) solutions, transforming your payroll data into a powerful strategic tool.

Your teams can:

  • Produce reports on demand, using real-time data
  • Gain insights globally, by nation, location – and more
  • Eliminate manual data-gathering errors and processes
A wealth of payroll insight

Considering Celergo and need a multicountry HCM solution?

Looking for a multicountry human capital management (HCM) platform to integrate with your existing global payroll system? We offer a powerful solution that brings together two products to standardise, empower and enable businesses to manage their global workforce. Both managers and employers will have access to one system of record with multiple HR features from onboarding, leave and absence and performance management.

Using ADP iHCM Multicountry with ADP Celergo helps you to:

  • Pay staff worldwide accurately and promptly
  • Consolidate global pay and HR reporting
  • Run HR processes in any location
  • Expand into new territories or scale down
  • Keep compliant via standardised global processes
  • Hold data safe using our award-winning security standards

Ask us about ADP iHCM Multicountry with ADP Celergo.

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Considering Celergo and need a multicountry HCM solution

Supporting you with world-class service

We have service centres worldwide and across all time zones. Wherever your teams are located, we can support you with your global payroll and HR.

If you decide to partner with us, you’ll be assigned a dedicated client account manager. They’ll help you make the most of all the benefits ADP Celergo offers your business.

Supporting you with world-class service

Shadow payroll? We have the answer.

If you’re an international organisation with employees on ‘assignment’ abroad you may benefit from our optional Shadow Payroll Service – available as part of ADP Celergo.

By ‘shadowing’ the home payroll, your payroll teams will benefit from a single system of record which unifies assignee payroll data. This ensures you meet your statutory reporting and compliance obligations in the host country, while the employee assigned abroad stays on the home country payroll.

With Shadow Payroll for International Assignees, you could benefit from:

Local tax support

Local tax support

Together with your tax advisor, you provide us with the exact requirements for your shadow payroll.

Customised set up

Customised set up

We’ll set you up according to your requirements, particularly regulatory and statutory reporting obligations.

Automated shadow payroll process

Automated shadow payroll process

Now you have an efficient, transparent and compliant way to manage shadow payroll for your international staff.

Reporting and compliance confidence

Reporting and compliance confidence

We’ll look after both year-end and recurring payroll statutory reporting and compliance for you.


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From payroll to payments – a better way to pay your employees internationally

Through a single global system of record, ADP Celergo, Payment Support Services (PSS) gives you an automated and efficient way to make payroll payments to your employees and statutory bodies through a licensed and trusted payment provider.

ADP’s PSS teams have developed expertise in the rules governing international payroll payments. We’ll help you comply with cross-border and in-country regulations to pay your staff, statutory bodies and other third parties accurately - on time, every time.

You can often experience manual, time and cost-consuming complexities when making payroll payments in multiple countries via multiple stand-alone systems. PSS cuts through this complexity, simplifying your whole payroll-to-payment process through a central point of contact.

With ADP Celergo, Payment Support Services, you could benefit from:

  • Improved compliance with local laws – leaving your company less exposed to regulatory risks
  • More efficient payment processing – automation makes the workflow more reliable, saving your team’s time
  • More accurate payroll payments – integration with ADP Celergo delivers a better employee experience
  • More secure transactions – helping you safeguard your employees’ sensitive information
  • A scalable service – future-proofing your payroll for whenever your business grows
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From payroll to payments

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