ADP® Real Time

ADP® Real Time

Designed for a broad range of businesses, ADP Real Time offers workforce attendance tracking, to help automate the management of time data while also meeting data and legal compliance requirements.

ADP® Real Time - measure and manage your workforce time

ADP Real Time is a time and attendance cloud solution. It streamlines time and attendance scheduling, timesheets, and reporting while handling exceptions with ease. Unlike other solutions that offer only limited functions or fixed labour cost evaluations, ADP Real Time offers a wider range of reporting while also automating data sharing with your HR management system to save you time. As a cloud solution, it helps your business get the best out of your workforce by optimising cost controls. ADP Real Time helps keep your workforce focused on their job.

The benefits of ADP® Real Time

Easily accessible

Use mobile devices or traditional punch clocks

Reduces time management overhead

Integrated with payroll to help ensure accurate pay.

Increases workforce effectiveness

Focus on your business so that you can do what you do best.

Real Time Information

ADP® Real Time features

Without a time and labour management cloud system, or a proper clock or punching system, gathering data on employee attendance is complicated. Manual processes are often inaccurate and not adapted to today’s business needs. To achieve an accurate payroll calculation you need an accurate time and attendance management process. Without visibility of the current time worked, the payroll won’t match the actual number of hours worked.

ADP Real Time performs and provides the following background information:

  • Time Sheet - Scheduling
  • Access and create employee timesheets.
  • Manager Dashboard
  • View the dashboard for easy access to the most important information in real time.
  • Reporting
  • Generate reports around time and attendance data.
  • Self-Service
  • Enable different categories of users to access self-service functionality. .
  • Legal update
  • Benefit from regular regulatory updates.
  • Exception management
  • Manage exceptions to schedules.
  • Payroll integration
  • Real Time is integrated to your payroll engine.
  • Clocks
  • Clock-in/out devices.
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Smart device support for time-tracking.


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