ADP® Real Time

Streamline time and attendance scheduling, improve workforce performance, unlock powerful reporting and reduce admin through automation with ADP® Real Time.

ADP® Real Time

What is ADP® Real Time?

ADP Real Time is a cloud-based time and attendance scheduling and reporting solution that’s accessible on any device. Designed for businesses with between 50 and 10,000 employees, it can help you with:

ICN Delivering accurate pay

Delivering accurate pay

Avoid having your employees leave the business due to inaccurate or late pay.

ICN Driving efficiency

Driving efficiency

By having a clearer idea of staff hours, you can reduce costly overtime and streamline processes.

ICN Refining timekeeping data

Refining timekeeping data

Eliminate error-prone manual timekeeping and unethical practices such as time theft and buddy punching.

ICN Staying compliant

Staying compliant

With better monitoring of overtime hours, scheduling conflicts and payroll errors, you stay compliant with employment laws.

ICN Reducing admin costs

Reducing admin costs

With less touch points in everyday processes, you reduce admin data and save time to focus on strategic tasks.

ICN Better data security

Better data security

Integrating payroll, HR and time and attendance ensures less data points and increased security.


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Who benefits from using ADP® Real Time?

ADP Real Time is versatile enough to be used by different teams within your organisation:

Image Employees 

Employees can use self-service functions to:

  • View schedules
  • Show additional hours availability
  • Clock in using biometric fingerprint, proximity card, fob or app
  • Swap shifts with colleagues
  • Request annual leave and view leave balances
  • View company updates
Image Managers or HR teams 

Managers or HR teams can:

  • Create schedules based on job role or skill for the shift
  • Apply budgets against a shift
  • Post overtime and open shifts for unwell employees
  • View reporting
  • Approve annual leave requests
  • Restrict staff numbers on leave at the same time by role or department
  • Clear exceptions
Image Payroll teams 

Payroll teams can:

  • Review time and absence data for payroll
  • Forecast costs for overtime and sickness rates

How ADP Real Time supports your business

We understand that as your company deals with the current economic downturn, market uncertainty and rising outgoings, keeping costs under control is a key imperative. Which is why you’ll appreciate the benefits of using an integrated, time, HR and payroll system from just one supplier:

ICN Simple user interface

Simple user interface

Staff onboarding is quick and easy with ADP Real Time’s simple interface and customisable dashboard. Classroom and virtual training are also available.

ICN Easily accessible

Easily accessible

ADP Real Time is flexible enough to adapt to your business, either by a downloadable app on your mobile devices or using traditional punch clocks.

ICN One Software-as- a-Service platform

One Software-as- a-Service platform

Our ADP iHCM platform provides unlimited admin licences, regular system updates, and Global Security Systems protection.

ICN Fully scalable

Fully scalable

Whether your business grows or decreases in size, ADP Real Time scales with you as needed.

ICN Top customer support

Top customer support

You have access to our robust customer support by phone, email or our ADP portal.

ICN Handy document storage

Handy document storage

Both admins and end users can upload and store information using ADP Real Time’s document storage function.


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Why you need to automate time management

One in five UK workers change jobs after being consistently paid late or inaccurately.1

Businesses lose approximately 4.5 hours per employee each week due to time theft.2

Over three million UK employees worked an extra 7.7 hours weekly in 2020, approximately £7,300 per person in unpaid overtime.3

80% of timesheets need correcting.4

Why work with ADP?

We have over 70 years’ experience as innovators in HR and payroll, with over 80,000 workforce management clients in multiple sectors worldwide. We’ve won many industry, trade and analyst awards, including being featured on FORTUNE Magazine’s “World’s Most Admired Companies®” list for 15 consecutive years.

We help businesses reduce risk and errors using automation, minimise compliance exposure by supplying accurate information, and administer policies and staff leave using one system of record.

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Our time management solution gives valuable insight into your employee timekeeping so that you can make more informed strategic decisions.
With accurate and integrated time, payroll and HR data, the business can more easily stay compliant,
while driving cost-efficiencies and improving productivity.

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Your ADP® Real Time questions answered

What is time and attendance management?

Time and attendance management is software built to track how many hours employees log, while also keeping safe your HR data such as salaries paid, holiday requests and unauthorised absences.

Which time and attendance solution is right for my business?

Are you a small to medium business with 50 staff or a larger enterprise with up to 10,00 employees? Then ADP Real Time is your ideal time and attendance solution. For global enterprises who already use ADP Global Payroll, choose ADP Workforce Manager.

What benefits can I expect from time and attendance solutions?

The right time and attendance solution integrates time, payroll and HR data in one system of record to provide you with accurate, compliant information. This helps you cut costs, enhances collaboration and enables you to make more informed strategic decisions about staff scheduling and workforce costs.