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What is compensation management

What is compensation management?

Compensation management describes the approaches used by organisations to establish and oversee pay and benefits for employees. It includes the design and realisation of compensation policies and plans, determining pay structures, scrutinising pay data, and making certain that legal requirements are met. The objective of compensation management is to appeal to, retain, and motivate employees with competitive pay and benefits packages, while optimising a company’s financial resources and helping to meet strategic goals.

Compensation management solutions refers to a specialised type of software designed to streamline and automate the various processes related to employee compensation within organisations. It assists HR professionals to efficiently manage and administer compensation, including salary planning, incentive calculations, performance-based rewards, bonuses, and benefits. This software can often be standalone or can integrate with HR management software.

Benefits of using compensation management

Through multiple and varied features, compensation management software empowers organisations to strategically manage their compensation agendas and align them with business objectives, while boosting employee satisfaction and engagement. Here are some key advantages in more detail.

ICN Efficiency and time savings

Efficiency and time savings

By automating compensation processes, the software reduces manual administrative tasks associated with salary planning, calculations, and data management. This saves time for HR professionals and allows them to focus on strategic compensation decisions and other value-added activities.

ICN Enhanced transparency and fairness

Enhanced transparency and fairness

Compensation management software promotes transparency and trust by providing a centralised platform for employees to view their compensation information, understand the criteria for rewards, and track their progress.

ICN Improved accuracy compliance

Improved accuracy and compliance

The software helps minimise errors and ensures accurate compensation and deduction calculations, reducing the risk of discrepancies and compliance issues. It can handle complex compensation structures, regulatory requirements, and policy adherence, providing accurate documentation for audits.

ICN Data-driven decision-making

Data-driven decision-making

The software generates comprehensive reports and analytics on compensation data, allowing organisations to gain insights into compensation trends, budget utilisation, and performance metrics. This data enables informed decision-making and helps companies to align compensation strategies with business goals.

ICN Streamlined communication

Streamlined communication

Compensation management software often includes features for communication and collaboration, facilitating smooth interaction between HR professionals, managers, and employees. It allows for effective communication of compensation plans, changes, and performance-related feedback.

ICN Increased employee engagement

Increased employee engagement

When employees have access to transparent and fair compensation processes, it can help contribute to feelings of engagement and motivation. The software can help organisations design and implement reward programmes that recognise and incentivise achievements and performance, contributing to improved employee satisfaction and retention.

ICN Scalability flexibility

Scalability and flexibility

Compensation management software can scale with organisational growth and adapt to changing compensation needs. It allows for easy modification of compensation plans, adjustments to salary ranges, and the incorporation of new performance metrics as business requirements evolve.


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Compensation management features

The features and functions of compensation management solutions can transform how companies approach their remuneration strategies. Let’s look at what support a company might gain from the software.

Support for international requirements

Compensation management software enables organisations to handle compensation processes consistently across multiple geographies. It supports localised pay practices, currency conversions, and compliance with regional regulations.

Insights into pay practices

Built-in analytic capabilities can help organisations to gain insights into compensation trends and identify pay gaps, assessing the effectiveness and equity of pay strategies. It can also connect to external sources of information such as revenue, sales, and performance ratings. The software may offer visualisations, dashboards, and customisable reports, helping companies develop compensation packages based on timely, accurate information.

Compliance tracking

The software helps organisations stay compliant with regulations and guidelines related to compensation practices. It may include features to track and document compliance activities, such as monitoring adherence to HMRC payroll regulations, highlighting the total available budget plus total spend, or recording compensation-related approvals.

Performance measurement

Compensation management software can include tools for performance measurement, allowing managers and HR professionals to review and adjust performance ratings or scores within a company’s unique compensation framework. This ensures consistency and fairness in the allocation of rewards and bonuses, helps control costs, and can help identify those eligible for additional compensation.

Compensation modelling

With the software, organisations can create and simulate various compensation scenarios. This feature helps in assessing the impact of different factors on the compensation budget, such as pay structures, merit increases and bonus plans.

Budget planning and forecasting

Built-in digital budget planning tools can set and allocate compensation budgets; allowing organisations to forecast future compensation expenses based on factors like salary adjustments, new hires, or changes in policies.

Integration with HR systems

Compensation management software can integrate with other HR systems, such as payroll, or HRIS (human resources information systems). This integration ensures smoother data flow between systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and improving accuracy.

Online self-service

Intuitive self-service portals for employees can help empower workforces to take control of their compensation while reducing HR workload. Portals can cover their pay breakdown, performance-related data, and benefit options.

Case study

Case Study: Helping Amazon with compensation management

With famously small-scale beginnings in the garage of founder Jeff Bezos, Amazon is now one of the world's most economically and culturally influential companies. The multibillion-dollar tech brand has many focuses, including online retail, digital streaming, cloud computing and AI.

By 2021 the relationship between ADP and Amazon was already well established, with at least eight different ADP solutions supporting Amazon across the world. Then the pandemic happened, and demand skyrocketed in addition to workforce numbers. With the ability to deliver goods during lockdown, many of Amazon’s staff became known as essential workers. It was time for a new compensation management solution that could keep pace with this expansion. Their global head of payroll, Greg Harmer, talked us through how ADP helped.

The Challenges

  • Amazon expanded from 800,000 employees to 1.3 million in a matter of months, and needed a compensation management solution that could keep up with this escalation.
  • In addition to the growth in headcount, the company needed support to convert their U.S. hourly employees to being paid weekly, rather than every two weeks.
  • Amazon was seeking a partner in compensation management that could help with not only cutting-edge software, but also support them to be internationally compliant with payroll regulations, including keeping employee data secure.

The Outcomes

ADP and Amazon successfully completed the largest pay cycle acceleration in history, moving half a million employees to receive weekly pay using ADP’s compensation management solution.

“The team at ADP are true experts in their field and always there to advise us and answer our questions. That, combined with ADP’s robust and adaptable global technology portfolio means we can feel confident that our employees are taken care of.”

- Greg Harmer, Global Head of Payroll, Amazon.

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