Bircham Dyson Bell started working with ADP in 2007, transferring from an in‑house payroll system to a managed service from ADP.

ADP makes all required changes to the data and carries out all the administration, as well as ensuring we are compliant with any relevant legislation.

Lyn Moore, Finance Manager
Bircham Dyson Bell


  • The payroll was previously managed by two people and it was decided that this time could be far better spent elsewhere.
  • Bircham Dyson Bell also wanted a system that would be flexible and have the ability to scale up quickly and easily as staff numbers increased.

How ADP helped:

  • The biggest benefit for Lyn and her team has been the reduced time spent running payroll.
  • Also the time spent by IT maintaining the system drastically reduce as the ADP system is hosted entirely online.
  • The accuracy of the payroll has also significantly improved.

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