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Our Developers Tools helps you to integrate ADP® iHCM to third-party and in-house applications.

What is ADP Marketplace,
ADP API Central?

Whether you’re an IT professional or an application developer, ADP Marketplace, ADP API Central offers APIs and documentation that help you connect your application to ADP® iHCM. When many businesses are grappling with multiple systems of record (SORs) to manage their employee data1 in an organization, ADP Marketplace, ADP API Central provides a path to help you access and share employee data in real time between applications.

Using a range of Application Programming Interface (APIs), ADP Marketplace, ADP API Central extends the capabilities of your application with ADP® iHCM, by providing instant, automatic data sharing. Whatever the size of your business, you’ll find a wide range of APIs, documentation and support for your developers.

Higher Data Accuracy


API adopters


Non-API adopters

Recent research shows that IT teams who use APIs are more likely to report a higher rate of integrated applications across their business, compared to those who don’t.*

One system of record for HR teams

Expect a more efficient use of your resources, less errors and a reduced need for manual checks, thanks to instant data updates. Once deployed, your HR team and employees will have access to more accurate data from just one system of record, leading to better data analytics that can underpin more informed decision making.

Easy integration for IT teams

If you’re a developer, we’ll provide you with all the tools and support you need to integrate the ADP Marketplace APIs with your applications. The ADP API Central includes , detailed guides, FAQs, a testing sandbox, as well as gateway access. You can also access our team of experts for any additional support.

Seamless connection, increased productivity


Real time data updates, best-in-class security

Avoid security breaches with instant data updates using our APIs


Extend capabilities

Integrate your ADP Payroll and core HR capabilities with other systems


Increase productivity

No more manual data checks or maintenance with automatic updates


Lower costs

Save costs on both integration processes and data maintenance

APIs for your business

Full technical support

We’ll ensure your developers are supported to get the APIs up and running, from quick checks to expert guidance.

Comprehensive data security

We take your data security extremely seriously, which is why our APIs provide a high level of data security and certifications.

1 Deloitte, 2019.
*MuleSoft 2020 Connectivity benchmark report

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