ADP® iHCM Add-Ons

Complement your HCM solution with a range of products and services.

ADP® iHCM Add-Ons

ADP® iHCM add-ons to do more for your business

Get exactly what your organisation needs with add-ons that complement the power of ADP iHCM.

  • Work more efficientlymake smarter workforce decisions
    Go beyond time sheets with a complete Time and Labour Management Solution that provides all the information you need to unify your workforce management.
  • Comply with UK pensions rulesmake sure you have a workplace pension scheme
    Focus on your business, and leave compliance to us. We’ll help ensure that your workplace pension scheme is in place, and that you also fulfil regulatory assessment and enrolment responsibilities to meet employer pension obligations.
  • Stay informedget employment legal help when you need it
    Get the advice you need to do the right thing and help avoid fines and tribunals for your business when it comes to employment issues.
  • Take an agile approach to recruitingexpedite and be efficient with your hiring strategy
    Win the war for talent by finding the right people to fill your open positions quickly and efficiently, so that your organisation remains competitive.
  • Hire confidentlyknow your new employees before day one
    Lower the risks, costs, and lost productivity of hiring the wrong candidate due to insufficient vetting
ADP® iHCM add-ons to do more for your business

ADP® iHCM Add-Ons

Time & Labour

ADP Real Time

Capture the data you need across time and attendance, scheduling, and more, with a fully integrated time and labour management solution with ADP iHCM. Access time and labour management information that can help to inform efficiency decisions, control labour costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve individual and team productivity.

Powerful & flexible capabilities:

  • Data collection via web, biometric or swipe card inputs
  • Employee self-service with a consumer-level user interface
  • Attendance policy administration and control
  • Time-off requests and approvals configured to reflect your authorisation policies
  • Configurable workflows to reflect your organisation and industry best practice
  • Ad hoc and scheduled reporting using the integrated reporting tools
  • Time-sheet approvals configured to reflect your authorisation procedures and policies
  • Exception management to help you identify risks or resourcing challenges

ADP HR Everywhere

Managing people is an issue for all employers, regardless of size. In addition to payroll, benefits, and employee engagement, human resource teams need an in-depth knowledge of employment law to cope with the constantly evolving needs and demands of the workplace.

ADP HR Everywhere is an online and telephone advice-based HR employment law service, designed to allow you to focus on growing your business, and minimising the risk of fines and tribunals.

ADP HR Everywhere offers two levels of service, to suit all types of business:

  • ADP HR Everywhere Buddy: for small businesses without any HR resources that want to reduce risks
  • ADP HR Everywhere Guru: for small to medium-sized businesses that need to enhance an existing HR presence with reliable and up-to-date employment law research and advice
Money Mouvement

ADP Payroll Disbursement Service

Reduce time, costs, and risks with a managed payroll disbursement service.

Managing payroll can be complex, with numerous payments to employees and third parties including government agencies, pension providers, and administrators. Add the pressure of tight timescales with little margin for error, and you also add in the chance of mistakes, delays, the risk of non-compliance and unhappy employees. This can expose your company to potential fines and penalties, as well as a disengaged workforce.

ADP’s Payroll Disbursement Service has been alleviating these pressures for companies like yours for many years.

  • Reduce your administration burden – ADP will handle exceptions and bank reconciliations
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance – ADP takes full responsibility for tax payments and penalties
  • Reduce cost – any bank charges on BACS payments to employees are likely to decrease
Benefits enrollments in ADP TotalSource/PEO.

ADP Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Strategic recruiting with measurable results.

ADP RPO’s systematic approach helps ensure that your jobs get in front of the right candidates with the right message, at the right time.

Once you have their attention, it’s easy to maintain contact and build interest through our full end-to-end support. What’s more, our social, mobile, and competency-based approach to candidate evaluation helps speed up the selection process and ensures it is fair.

With our powerful talent acquisition solutions, you can:

  • Automatically distribute jobs to the most effective boards and aggregators, driving traffic directly to your career site
  • Attract passive candidates and nurture those relationships through talent communities
  • Increase your reach and impact by enabling employees to market your jobs through their own online relationships
  • Use advanced analytics to continuously monitor which sources are driving qualified traffic and hires for better return on spend
Benefits enrollments in ADP TotalSource/PEO.

ADP LocalPay - Managed Payroll Services

Designed for companies, of any size, with UK employees situated in Ireland or the Channel Islands, the ADP LocalPay solution provides a managed payroll solution that meets the local regulatory requirements of these countries.

The ADP LocalPay solution provides a range of services for Ireland-based UK employees, including:

  • Comprehensive payroll processing and delivery
  • Third-party payments
  • Managed P30 filing via ROS

And for the Channel Islands jurisdictions of Jersey and Guernsey, ADP LocalPay provides:

  • Dedicated professionals with expertise in compliance law
  • Payroll taxes calculated and submitted on your behalf
  • Built-in data privacy and security provisions
Benefits enrollments in ADP TotalSource/PEO.

ADP BackCheck

ADP BackCheck is an online employment screening service that provides you with the information necessary to make well-informed recruitment decisions.

Gone are the days of writing individual letters to former employers, chasing responses and deciphering them - a process that could take weeks and miss the very disclosures it set out to find. ADP BackCheck offers a convenient and all-encompassing solution to verifying candidates' application forms, enabling you to discover exactly who you are hiring and eliminate any doubts.

The results are delivered online - securely and quickly - ensuring that the person you found is the right one for the job.

Benefits enrollments in ADP TotalSource/PEO.

ADP IMS International Payroll Managed Services

ADP IMS, or International Managed Services, is an outsourced payroll service for United Kingdom employees from overseas. Use ADP IMS to improve communication, streamline processes, and run payroll for those workers who are working in the UK for a business based outside of the United Kingdom.

  • Ensures that local taxes are paid
  • Provides documentation to the overseas business host for local tax filings
  • Help with managing forms and paperwork
  • Manages other benefits offered by the business host for payroll calculations

ADP IMS is available to non-UK companies. ADP IMS processes payroll using ADP iHCM Payroll Cloud for UK. ADP IMS is available for up to 20 foreign employees.

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