Recruitment: are you getting it right?

How the recruitment process can impact an employer brand

When we think about the recruitment process, it usually involves an employer assessing whether a candidate is the right fit. Rarely do we consider that the candidate is in fact evaluating the employer at the same time. The recruitment process speaks volumes of an employer and getting it wrong can impact the employer brand, making it difficult to attract new talent in the future.

Make a lasting impression (for the right reasons)

A negative recruitment experience is something both the candidate and employer want to avoid. The reality is, when candidates have a negative experience, they’re more likely to talk about it with friends, colleagues and everybody else online.

Online resources like Glassdoor are hugely beneficial for companies to attract potential candidates. However, the last thing a company wants is to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Candidates now have platforms to share their experiences of the recruitment process with other potential candidates. They can publish specific interview questions, rate the experience and review the difficulty of the process.

This is good news for brands with a positive recruitment track record. Not so much for those needing to improve their process.

What can influence a candidate’s perception of a company?

How employers treat candidates during the recruitment phase can reflect how these candidates will be valued if successfully recruited. So you want to get it right first time. There are particular moments in the recruitment process where employers have an opportunity to make a positive impression.

#1. Don’t leave applicants in the dark

No answer to an application. No feedback following an interview… It’s something most of us have experienced as a candidate. Receiving a response can be rare for applicants, so it’s something that’s greatly valued. Attempt to respond to as many applicants as possible. And if you had time to interview them, you should have time to feedback on why they weren’t right for the role. This turns a negative experience into a constructive one and could result in a positive online review for the company.

#2. Be transparent about company values

Not only is the recruitment process in general, and the interview in particular, an opportunity to find out about the candidate, they want to know just as much about the company. Does the company have a good compensation strategy? Does management have a transparent line of communication with staff? Is there a positive culture? Share this information with candidates. It could be the turning point for securing the best talent. And it could help candidates evaluate whether it’s the right fit for them.

#3. Make online applications user-friendly

The application process is a time-consuming and repetitive experience. A user-friendly online application can leave a lasting impression with applicants. Find the right tools and online platforms that can help you streamline the application process, making both the candidate and company’s life easier.

Why is a good recruitment process good for business?

A positive recruitment process can influence the success of the business in more ways than one. As you know by now, the recruitment process strongly impacts the employer brand. If a candidate has a positive experience, the company will have a positive brand image. But the contrary is also true. If the company has a strong employer brand, they will attract the best candidates and will deliver a much more valuable recruitment process. It’s a cycle that starts by ensuring the recruitment process is second to none.

So, does your recruitment process tick all the boxes?