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ADP® iHCM 2 with ADP® Payroll Cloud

Get a seamless experience across payroll and HR with the unified solution ADP® iHCM 2

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ADP® iHCM 2 with ADP® Payroll Cloud – working better together

ADP iHCM 2 and ADP Payroll Cloud have been designed to work together. They form a unified solution that simplifies Human Capital Management (HCM) and helps you and your employees stay focused on key tasks.

Unlike other systems that are designed to run payroll and HR separately, ADP iHCM 2 ensures that you get a seamless experience across all your HCM needs, making it easy for you and your employees to stay focused on your jobs.

Easily pay, log, manage, and analyse all employee activity and compensation in one place with the unified suite ADP® iHCM 2 with ADP Payroll Cloud.

Enjoy all the benefits of a payroll platform built for you

Faster employee workflow

Employee processes can run faster with no or minimal disruption when your payroll works closely with your HR system.

Better employee experience

Having a fully unified solution not only makes it easier for staff to get their work done across the full spectrum of payroll and HR functions - it also creates a more streamlined employee experience.

Lower systems costs

Avoid investing in system integration work that’s not necessary. You can lower your system costs with a solution that’s pre-designed to work with shared data, processes and workflows together.

Enjoy a unified experience

ADP iHCM 2 is a unified HCM environment that provides a seamless experience across payroll and HR to deliver the highest levels of data security, privacy, compliance and peace of mind for you.

Benefit from a unified HCM system of record

ADP® iHCM 2 provides a unified system of record, giving you a seamless experience across all your payroll and HR needs. Unlike other payroll solutions that are based only on a shared data model, ADP’s platform approach ensures all HCM functions have a common data and processing foundation in order to deliver accurate and timely pay to your workforce.

Accidents happen. 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employees in 2015.

Improve productivity with a unified user experience

ADP® iHCM 2 offers an intuitive, interactive interface that employees, managers and expert users alike will find very easy to use, helping to reduce the training requirements and improving your productivity. Everything from employee records management and reporting, to payroll – one system, one experience.

Unified security across payroll and HR

Securing employee data is not just about keeping it safe in storage; it’s crucial to keep data safe while managing and updating employee information for reviews, pay evaluations, benefits, etc. ADP® iHCM 2 includes intelligent detection, automated data protection, fraud defense and access management for all your HCM processes.

Simplify your compliance with a unified environment

With hundreds of experts providing in country support, compliance requirements are constantly tracked, interpreted, communicated and implemented. Our combination of unified technology and local expertise improves payroll accuracy and consistency while reducing the risk of reputational damage and fines for non compliance.

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